Stun Master 775,000 Volt Stun Gun - Power And Intimidation

There are hundreds if not 1000's of self protection products on the market today. Stun guns, pepper sprays, individual alarms, TASERs and more. They all function and have the monitor document to prove it.

These pepper spray give the customers a feasible alternative to a lethal end result in any kind of a confrontation. In the situation of law enforcement, more than 11,000 U.S. law enforcement companies have come to the summary that the taser for instance provides them one more alternative in the continuum of power response to a authorized and lawful order.

There is a vibrant LED flashlight that offers additional protection when you require it. Even when the electricity goes out, you can find your way around your house or apartment with your flashlight. The vibrant LED flashlight is situated at the deal with of the device. A fantastic safety feature!

One design is 8 inches long and eighty,000 volts; the other is 16.five inches lengthy and two hundred,000 volts. Both are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic for durability and each have one hundred thirty db alarms.

Cone mist spray: The cone mist spray are much more efficient than stream spray because the spray density is finer than Stream spray. So if there are a quantity of attackers than a barrier can be created. But the disadvantages included with this spray pattern are that they can hit the target only from a variety of 8 to 10 meters. They are very tough to control also simply because the spray can come back on you also.

The situation is silver and the buttons are black. The simulated display is big with a group of icons common of a cell telephone. The black panel over the display reads "Stun Grasp." The product arrives with two CR123A lithium batteries and a holster with belt loop. A black wrist strap is a security device. Wrap it around your wrist and if your attacker grabs the SM-Mobile from you, the strap will detach and the unit will be still left completely inoperable. The device has a limited life time warranty.

FBI statistics and Law enforcement reports from all over the nation show that in more than fifty percent of all instances exactly where the victim was able click here to get to a "weapon" (usually sprays are mentioned), the attacker knocked it out of their hand prior to they could use it. Police files are stuffed with tens of thousands of incidents of weapons taken absent from the victim and utilized towards them! It is approximated that almost one third of all gunshot victims are shot with their own gun! The figures are even higher when it arrives to stun-guns and sprays.

Gryan D Gruckner has been training customers methods for self protection products to defend themselves for years. There are numerous selections, including stun guns, pepper sprays and individual alarms. He offers optimum service and instruction on strategies for the products.

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